• Nights are cooler. Break out the blankets. Time to cuddle
  • Leaves start changing color.  Get the rake out of the shed.  Leaf peepers are coming from everywhere!
  • Baseball play-offs are just around the corner.  Sox haven’t been selling out during the season, but don’t expect that to continue in post season…this isn’t Tampa!
  • Patriot’s are a soft 2-0 & Brady hasn’t been Brady.  That’s not going to continue either


What we all thought was a rebuilding year has turned into a season in which their longest losing streak is 3 games.  How about that sport’s fans. 

As I write this they have the best record in baseball. 


Lester is pitching like an ace.  Bucholtz has a microscopic ERA & pitching almost as well as he did before he tweaked his shoulder.  Uehara just gave up his first base runner (and run) since Ortiz was a teenager (slight exaggeration, but you get the point).  Peavy has been steady.  They finally scored some runs for Lackey in what was his poorest performance of the season. The world is good & the Sox are ready to kick butt in the playoffs with this staff.  How’s that for optimism?


It’s hard to believe, but this team won 9 straight games against lefties before a loss the other night.  We were all questioning their right handed power while this was happening.  Guess it hasn’t been a problem, huh?  They lead the league in runs scored & run differential despite being shut out 10 times…how can that be?  Top to bottom there is no automatic out.  Ellsbury should be back shortly.  With him leading off, Victorino batting 2nd, Pedroia 3rd & Ortiz clean-up they match up against just about anybody. Bring on your aces, anybody.

Alright, a little hyperbole there.  I know I sound a little cocky, but I’m excited about this team. And, as I said in an earlier post…I LIKE this team!  I know I have to keep it in check some…at my age the heart may give out before the real games begin.


Despite scoring less total points in the 1st two games than they used to in a half, they are 2-0 and about to play an offensively challenged Tampa Bay team that leads the league in penalties Sunday in Foxboro.  Brady has been inconsistent.  The WRs have dropped more than they caught. The TE’s are dead last in receptions & lead the NFL TEs in drop percentage! The OL has been, at best, mediocre. Ridley didn’t play after critical fumbles in game 1 (I know he was just charged with 1, but was called down on another) and came close to another in game 2 on a bobbled pitch from Brady.

SMILE.   All this & they are still 2-0!

Things are about to get better. Gronkowski will be back shortly (possibly this Sunday).  Amendola doesn’t need surgery and is back practicing.  Thompkins, despite looking like a rookie (oh, he is!) is on pace to have more receptions and yardage than Lloyd had last year (bet you didn’t know that).  Sudfeld is healthy again and should help out the TE pass catching numbers (as long as he doesn’t have to block too much).

The defense has been pretty good, even if it was against two rookie QBs.  They had four sacks in game two along with a ton of pressures against the J-E-T-S.  They also forced four turnovers while having none of their own.


The Bruins are just around the corner and look stronger than last year, when they played in the finals for the Stanley Cup.  Despite losing Horton, which hurt, and Seguin , which did not hurt, they have stronger, more reliable line-combinations and the defense, which was good, will still be solid.  And, have you seen what the PP did the other night?  This team should go deep in the play offs again barring any major injuries.  The Spoked Wheel is ready to roll.


Well, you can’t have everything.  This years Celtics are playing for a high draft choice.  The last time I remember they did that they lost out on Tim Duncan and continued to be bad for years.  Nuff said!

So, to wrap it up…BRING ON OCTOBER!  Boston’s fans are ready.

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