Boston Red Sox: Welcome Aboard Mr. Price

The one day delay to opening day of the 2016 season didn’t hurt the David Price debut as the ace of the Boston Red Sox pitched 6 solid innings to earn his 1st win in a Red Sox uniform…an impressive Sox 6-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians.

4-5 David Price wins 6-2 in season opener in Cleveland

Solid defense (led by a great catch in RF by Mookie Betts), power hitting (HRs by Betts & Big Papi) and 3 innings of shutout relief pitching by Junichi Tazawa, Koji Uehara and new closer Craig Kimbell ended the day with smiles on the faces of Red Sox Nation.

Drawing Board Victory

This start went exactly as planned:

  • Price striking out 10 in his 6 inning stint,
  • Mookie Betts continuing to impress at bat and in the field
  • David “Big Papi” Ortiz cracking a HR to put the game away
  • Closer Craig Kimbrell throwing smoke as he ended the game with a strike out

Add in the bottom four in the batting order (Travis Shaw, Brock Holt, Blake Swihart & Jackie Bradley Jr.) going 5-15 with 3 walks, 2 runs 1 RBI and not much went wrong. Shaw had 2 hits and was flawless in the field (OK, so he only had a few chances) while Pablo “Panda” Sandoval stayed bundled up in the dugout.

Not everything was perfect (especially the temperature) as the Sox stranded 10 men and were just 1-7 with runners in scoring position, but that’s nitpicking after just one game.

Scoring Summary 

4-5 Mookie Betts homers to start the scoring vs Cleveland

Mookie Betts homers to start the scoring vs Cleveland

Boston scored first when Betts launched one to left field with Bradley (single) on base in the 3rd, but Cleveland came right back in the 4th with two of their own as Price had his only rocky inning of the game, throwing 34 pitches.

In the 6th the Sox put the game away with 2 more runs and knocked out former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber after just 5 1/3 innings. Boston hit him hard from the 2nd inning on, with 9 hits and 4 earned runs before he left the game.

4-5 Big Papi put the game away on Opening Day with a long HR to right

David Ortiz wrapped up the scoring with a long 2 run blast to RF in the 9th, taking away a save opportunity from closer Craig Kimbell.

Final: Boston 6 Cleveland 2 

David Price (1-0): 6IP – 5H – 2ER – 2 BB – 10 K – 103 Pitches

Corey Kluber (0-1): 5 1/3IP – 9H – 4ER – 2BB – 5K – 96 Pitches


  • Hanley Ramirez went 2 for 4, but left himself open to criticism for not running out what should have been a double when he thought he had a HR. He did however give it his all when he went from 1st to 3rd on a single to left earlier

Ramirez went from 1st to 3rd on a single picture bostonglobecom

  • Despite the solid outing by Price, Betts was the star of the game, going 2-5 with a HR, 2 RBI and the catch of the day
  • Boston pitching accumulated 15 Ks, helped by a large strike zone from Home Plate Umpire John Hirschbeck
  • Prior to the game the Indians surprised Manager John Farrell with a special tribute as he was introduced
  • Old friend Mike Napoli had a tough game at the plate, striking out 3 times in 3 ABs

Quote: After the game Big Papi said: “When the lights go on Big Papi goes on”

Next Game:

RHP Clay Buchholz (7-7, 3.26) vs. RHP Carlos Carrasco (14-12, 3.63) Wednesday at 6:10 p.m.

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Boston Red Sox: 5 Things You Can Do To Enjoy Watching The Red Sox

APRIL 2015

The promise was there when the season started. What seemed like a nice balance of veterans and young players looked as if it would offset a highly questionable pitching staff. Oh, how we wanted to believe! The first few weeks of the season built hope that maybe, just maybe, the starters would be OK. Not great, but OK.

Jumping ahead….

JULY 25, 2015

All hope is lost. Those opening games seem like a mirage and reality has set in. Not only is the Sox pitching staff worse than we thought (not sure that is possible)…but the whole team, with a few exceptions, is an embarrassment. Yup, that’s the word. Many fair weather fans have put away their Bosox hats, shirts, underwear, bedspreads & removed all tattoos that make any reference to this team.  Red Sox stickers have been scraped from auto windows and logo license plates have been encircled in black. Say it ain’t so, but, this is worse than last year!

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington: “I didn’t do a good enough job building a complete offense”(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington: “I didn’t do a good enough job building a complete offense”(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)


Boston Red Sox: Here are 5 things you can do to make the final months of baseball season more enjoyable:

  1. Keep the refrigerator full of beverages that dull the pain. Note: Be sure that you take your time walking to the fridge and visit the facility every time you get up. This makes time pass quickly
  2. Play games during the game.
    Monopoly - Just one of many games to pass time

    Monopoly – Just one of many games to pass time

    Here’s one I suggest: Have a log book handy so you can keep track of how many times the Red Sox have runners in scoring position with less than two out. For every run they score you get to take a drink, for every out they make without a run coming in you must get up and run outside screaming “The Red Sox %^&#$ (you pick the word)” Thank goodness the games are played during summer, so you won’t catch a cold. As an added benefit this will give you lots of exercise and cut way down on your drinking.

  3. Start a pool with friends (for enjoyment only, no money involved) who also are Red Sox masochists. Each square can represent the date the team will stop playing Mike Napoli, Hanley Ramirez, Pablo Sandoval or Big Papi. The winner of the pool gets a bottle of their favorite beverage. Hint: you could really have 4 separate pools to quadruple the fun. You also could use this idea on the date when/if Clay Buchholz returns.
  4. When opposing teams come to bat hold your breath until they score a run (don’t worry, it won’t be too long). This will make you dizzy and things will become blurry, making it impossible to concentrate on the game, which is a good thing. Warning:This could prove fatal, but it is highly unlikely.

    This could be you (courtesy of

    This could be you (courtesy of

  5. Make a vow to quit drinking for good if the Sox win 10 straight. This will allow you to enjoy the many losses without any guilt.

Now that I have you started I’m sure you can get your own creative juices started with some other ideas. Or better yet…find something else to do for a more enjoyable summer.

I’d love to hear your suggestions (keep them clean) and will write a follow up column with your comments after the season ends.

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Definition Team:

1. a group of people organized to work together 2. (General Sporting Terms) a group of players forming one of the sides in a sporting contest

3. 2013 Boston Red Sox

Alright, I confess.  #3 wasn’t in the dictionary, but it should have been.  This years Red Sox epitomize what a “TEAM” can do when everyone is working together. There was not one player on the roster that dragged this team down.  It was a close to perfect stew!.


Most of the ingredients in this concoction were gathered by Ben Charrington (MLB Executive of the year?).  Once that happened, John Farrell (AL Manager of the year?) was able to blend, season and prepare the stew, letting it simmer to perfection.


There were a few items that originally didn’t seem to be blending in (Will Middlebrooks/Stephen Drew), but after some solid nurturing, they quickly fit in where they were supposed to.  During their absence a “miracle” broth named Jose Iglesias kept the stew brewing,  Pedro Ceriaco tried his hardest to season the pot, but he was just a bit tasteless.

And then there were some things that were overstuffed (Felix Dubront) and had to be drained before reaching their potential.

Unfortunately, some of the ingredients went bad early (Andrew Bailey/Joel Hanrahan/ Andrew Miller), and couldn’t be used.  But, “lo and behold,” there were different pieces (Koji Uehara/Junichi Tazawa/Craig Breslow) that were fresh and tasteful.

One of the opening day potables (Alfredo Aceves) just wasn’t ready to be part of the stew and was quickly put in the garbage disposal.


As in any good stew, some pieces get damaged (Clay Buchholz/David Ross/Jacoby Ellsbury) and others have to step in (Jake Peavy/Ryan Lavarnway/Jackie Bradley Jr) until they are ready.  Some took longer than others, but ultimately they were all repaired and ripe enough to add to the flavor.


Any stew needs standard items (David Ortiz/Dustin Pedroia/Jon Lester) that have blended well in the past and continue to assure that any new pieces (Shane Victorino/Johnny Gomes/Ryan Dempster/Mike Napoli/Mike Carp) are allowed to blend in smoothly with other ingredients (Jarrod Saltalamachia/Daniel Nava) that have ripened over the past months.


Things that had been sour in the past (John Lackey) were sweetened with a little sugar and suddenly added an alluring aroma that had been missing.


It is important that the chef’s assistants…

Greg Colbrunn Hitting Coach
57 Victor Rodriguez Assistant Hitting Coach
47 Juan Nieves Pitching Coach
43 Arnie Beyeler First Base Coach
13 Brian Butterfield Third Base Coach
17 Torey Lovullo Bench Coach
58 Dana LeVangie Bullpen Coach

…add to the blending of all the ingredients, being sure the freshness and quality is allowed to breathe.


When the stew (Red Sox) was ready, it became the tastiest, most flavorful and easiest to digest meal in the entire café (MLB)

Congratulations to the dramatically different Boston Red Sox!!!!  Anything after this is cream in the coffee.

THANKS from Red Sox Nation for giving us a year that we never expected.



For the first time this year you could sit back and enjoy the second half of a Pats game without worrying about the outcome.

No thoughts of the D giving up a critical late TD…No worry that the Pats offense would collapse and give the Bucs a bunch of chances to come back…No feeling that the rookies would do something really dumb and turn the ball over…Absolutely no sense that the Tampa QB would suddenly turn into Joe Montana


Enjoy it while you can, the Falcons are next and they have their talons ready to grab whoever is next on their schedule. Unfortunately, that is the Patriots.  The game is in Atlanta and a team many thought could be Super Bowl contenders is on the ropes.  They are 1-2 and the only team below them in the NFC South is Tampa!  They just lost to the suddenly dangerous 3 & 0 Miami Dolphins. Another loss, particularly at home, and their season will start to slip away.  This will be the toughest test for the Pats D…we’ll find out if they are for real.



* Tom Brady looked like he was afraid to throw the ball on the first three possessions.  Tampa was blitzing and he was holding onto the ball longer than he usually does.

*  The offensive line wasn’t helping and Brandon Bolden, who started his first game as a Pat, missed a key block early that lead to one of 3 Tampa sacks in the game.

*  The Pats punted on their first three possessions.

*  Tampa seemed to move the ball with ease.  They missed a chip shot field goal and scored on another chip shot to lead 3-0 after the first quarter.


*  The Pats scored 17 unanswered points in the second quarter and the game was all but over.  They ended up scoring 23 straight, since they shut out the Bucs for the final three quarters.

*  The Bucs reverted to the same team they were in their 1st two games

*  Brady suddenly found his rhythm and throws to Aaron Dobson, Julien Edelman & Kenbrell Thompkins started to hit more than they missed

*  Thompkins scored two TDs, one in the end zone and one he caught just outside and made a nice move to get in

* The combination of Blount, Ridley and Bolden started to run with authority

Aqib Talib had his 3rd interception of the year with 11 seconds left in the first half, which led to…

*  …Stephen Gostkowski converting a 53 yard field goal (he was 3-3 on the day) with seconds left in the first half.

*  The D kept Doug Martin in check.  He did end up with 88 yards on 20 carries for a 4.4 average, but was never a factor in the game.

Josh Freeman reverted to….Josh Freeman. Nuff Said.


The Pats actually had at least 3 more chances to score, but left points on the field.

1)  Brady had both Thompkins and Edelman wide open behind the Tampa D for an easy TD.  Instead, after the play action fake handoff to Ridley he threw an incomplete sideline pass to a well cover Zach Sudfeld.

2)  Later Brady kept his eyes locked on Sudfeld in the Red Zone as he released the ball.  Tampa SS Mark Baron read his eyes and picked it off in the end zone. After the game Brady said he “would see that play in his dreams.”

3)  The Pats had the ball deep in Tampa territory late in the game.  In the past this is when Bill Belichick poured it on, but not this time.  Four running plays turned the ball back to Tampa as time was running out.  You have to wonder if BB was taking it easy on his friend, Tampa (and former Rutgers) Coach Greg Schiano.


*  It was reported before the game that Brady had texted former Pats Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd to see if they were interested in coming back.  He denied having made contact with either in the post game press conference.

*  Brady had a TD pass (actually two in this game) for the 51st straight game.  He trails only Drew Brees, who had TD passes in 53 straight games and has a chance to catch him in just two weeks against Cincinnati.

Brandon Bolton started his 1st game as a Pat and amassed 100 yards (51 yards rushing, 49 yards receiving)

*  Thompkins scored his 1st (of many, hopefully) & 2nd NFL TDs

Pats had 3 sacks and applied good pressure throughout the game

*  The D held Josh Freeman under 50% passing. Never mind, forget that one, he’s under 50% for the year…no big deal!)

*  Aqib Talib did a good job defending Vincent  Jackson, who left the game injured late in the 3rd quarter (3 receptions for 34 yards and 1 drop).

*  Red Zone efficiency was OK (2 for 5 for 40%).  A little deceptive, as they made no attempt to score on their last possession.  Still have a long way to go.

*  The Bucs came in the most penalized team (accepted penalties) in the NFL, but the Pats had more penalties in this game then the Bucs did (Pats 6 for 50 yards, Bucs 4 for 48)

*  Pats  held Bucs to 35% on 3rd downs (5 for 14) and 0 for 4 on 4th down

*  Bucs held Pats to 40% on 3rd (6 for 15).  Pats were 1 for 1 when they actually went for it on 4th down (stats 1 for 2 because late in game they just turned the ball over without going for first down)

*  The Pats are 3-0 for the first time since 2007 (the almost perfect season)

*  The supposedly “weak” division actually has looked pretty good so far & the Pats may have their first real challenge with the Dolphins (3-0) looking like they have improved dramatically.

*  I don’t know about you, but I think the NFL has really gone overboard on all the fines.  It’s football guys.  Let them tackle the guy with the ball without worrying about their pocketbook on every play.


On the Dan Patrick show Monday morning former Patriot Rodney Harrison acknowledged that it is not uncommon for players to pee in their pants during the game.  He said he had done it and his teammates would confirm. Since you have to be ready at all times, you can’t go back inside during the game so you have no choice. BET THAT’S UNCOMFORTABLE!

I’ll take a closer look at the Falcons game later.  Meanwhile, enjoy the win in a game many thought the Pats were ripe for losing (Not me, I predicted 21-10 win in “PATS GO 3-0 blog before the game).


Really looking forward to next Sunday night’s match-up of Pats and Falcons.

The comments on this blog are my opinions and I welcome all comments pro & con.  Debate is good.  Differing opinions are good.  Disagreement with me is…not good!


Have a great week.  If you like this blog please share it with your friends.

If you are a tweeter I’d appreciate a re-tweet.

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  • Nights are cooler. Break out the blankets. Time to cuddle
  • Leaves start changing color.  Get the rake out of the shed.  Leaf peepers are coming from everywhere!
  • Baseball play-offs are just around the corner.  Sox haven’t been selling out during the season, but don’t expect that to continue in post season…this isn’t Tampa!
  • Patriot’s are a soft 2-0 & Brady hasn’t been Brady.  That’s not going to continue either


What we all thought was a rebuilding year has turned into a season in which their longest losing streak is 3 games.  How about that sport’s fans. 

As I write this they have the best record in baseball. 


Lester is pitching like an ace.  Bucholtz has a microscopic ERA & pitching almost as well as he did before he tweaked his shoulder.  Uehara just gave up his first base runner (and run)…

View original post 608 more words


  • Nights are cooler. Break out the blankets. Time to cuddle
  • Leaves start changing color.  Get the rake out of the shed.  Leaf peepers are coming from everywhere!
  • Baseball play-offs are just around the corner.  Sox haven’t been selling out during the season, but don’t expect that to continue in post season…this isn’t Tampa!
  • Patriot’s are a soft 2-0 & Brady hasn’t been Brady.  That’s not going to continue either


What we all thought was a rebuilding year has turned into a season in which their longest losing streak is 3 games.  How about that sport’s fans. 

As I write this they have the best record in baseball. 


Lester is pitching like an ace.  Bucholtz has a microscopic ERA & pitching almost as well as he did before he tweaked his shoulder.  Uehara just gave up his first base runner (and run) since Ortiz was a teenager (slight exaggeration, but you get the point).  Peavy has been steady.  They finally scored some runs for Lackey in what was his poorest performance of the season. The world is good & the Sox are ready to kick butt in the playoffs with this staff.  How’s that for optimism?


It’s hard to believe, but this team won 9 straight games against lefties before a loss the other night.  We were all questioning their right handed power while this was happening.  Guess it hasn’t been a problem, huh?  They lead the league in runs scored & run differential despite being shut out 10 times…how can that be?  Top to bottom there is no automatic out.  Ellsbury should be back shortly.  With him leading off, Victorino batting 2nd, Pedroia 3rd & Ortiz clean-up they match up against just about anybody. Bring on your aces, anybody.

Alright, a little hyperbole there.  I know I sound a little cocky, but I’m excited about this team. And, as I said in an earlier post…I LIKE this team!  I know I have to keep it in check some…at my age the heart may give out before the real games begin.


Despite scoring less total points in the 1st two games than they used to in a half, they are 2-0 and about to play an offensively challenged Tampa Bay team that leads the league in penalties Sunday in Foxboro.  Brady has been inconsistent.  The WRs have dropped more than they caught. The TE’s are dead last in receptions & lead the NFL TEs in drop percentage! The OL has been, at best, mediocre. Ridley didn’t play after critical fumbles in game 1 (I know he was just charged with 1, but was called down on another) and came close to another in game 2 on a bobbled pitch from Brady.

SMILE.   All this & they are still 2-0!

Things are about to get better. Gronkowski will be back shortly (possibly this Sunday).  Amendola doesn’t need surgery and is back practicing.  Thompkins, despite looking like a rookie (oh, he is!) is on pace to have more receptions and yardage than Lloyd had last year (bet you didn’t know that).  Sudfeld is healthy again and should help out the TE pass catching numbers (as long as he doesn’t have to block too much).

The defense has been pretty good, even if it was against two rookie QBs.  They had four sacks in game two along with a ton of pressures against the J-E-T-S.  They also forced four turnovers while having none of their own.


The Bruins are just around the corner and look stronger than last year, when they played in the finals for the Stanley Cup.  Despite losing Horton, which hurt, and Seguin , which did not hurt, they have stronger, more reliable line-combinations and the defense, which was good, will still be solid.  And, have you seen what the PP did the other night?  This team should go deep in the play offs again barring any major injuries.  The Spoked Wheel is ready to roll.


Well, you can’t have everything.  This years Celtics are playing for a high draft choice.  The last time I remember they did that they lost out on Tim Duncan and continued to be bad for years.  Nuff said!

So, to wrap it up…BRING ON OCTOBER!  Boston’s fans are ready.

Until next time, hope you enjoyed this blogAs always, I welcome your comments. If you have a twitter account you can follow me at #SnowdonBob.