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  • Nights are cooler. Break out the blankets. Time to cuddle
  • Leaves start changing color.  Get the rake out of the shed.  Leaf peepers are coming from everywhere!
  • Baseball play-offs are just around the corner.  Sox haven’t been selling out during the season, but don’t expect that to continue in post season…this isn’t Tampa!
  • Patriot’s are a soft 2-0 & Brady hasn’t been Brady.  That’s not going to continue either


What we all thought was a rebuilding year has turned into a season in which their longest losing streak is 3 games.  How about that sport’s fans. 

As I write this they have the best record in baseball. 


Lester is pitching like an ace.  Bucholtz has a microscopic ERA & pitching almost as well as he did before he tweaked his shoulder.  Uehara just gave up his first base runner (and run)…

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SportsLink TV round table moderator in VT 2000-2004 Play-By-Play Baseball/Football/Basketball Oldies DJ at Magic 98.5 in Columbia, SC 2008-2011 Diehard Boston Sports Fan Veteran, Cancer survivor. Now living in Fl.

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