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Fall is by far the best season for sports fans!

Let’s see, you have:

  • Baseball races & Playoffs
  • NFL
  • NHL teams start practice
  • College Football
  • NBA starts


Could anyone ask any more from this years team?  At first we thought it was a “rebuilding year.” As the year moved on we began to think “maybe….” Then it was “If they can just get thru this series.”  Next came “Who’s the ace of this staff?” And FINALLY it became “Damn, this team is for real.” Let’s just enjoy them.

After the last few years, it was easy to stop liking the Sox.  You still followed them out of loyalty…but you didn’t really like them.  Then they got rid of lot of the “big $$$” players and signed a lot of, what you thought were, “Good Clubhouse Guys” with not as much talent.

Boy, were we wrong! These guys can really play…and root for each other…and seem to enjoy playing the game.  And guess what?  They are also pretty good on the field.  No Superstars, just a bunch of good players having fun together.  What a concept.

Yeah, they have Petey and Ortiz who have had their usual good years, but players we were questioning also started having fun too.  Lester….Lackey….Ellsbury…and the beat goes on.

Players don’t have to like each other to perform, but it is sure more fun to watch them when they seem to.  Uehara, Gomez, Victorino, Peavy, Carp & the rest have made a huge difference in the “likeability” of this year’s team.  Than there’s Nava & Salty having career years. Middlebrooks not pouting when he is sent down & returning with a purpose.

Hey, “I like them again!”

You can’t say enough about what Uehara has done. Not only does he make the save, but he makes it look easy. Who was the last Sox closer you could say that about?

They may not win the World Series this year (however, they could), but I’m now enjoying them as a team…and it’s fun.  How about you?


Are you ready?  Like the Sox, this year’s team is a lot different than what we’ve come to expect..

  • 14 rookies!
  • 7 Undrafted Free Agents
  • A whole new cast of receivers
  • No Wes Welker
  • No Aaron Hernandez

Despite that, they have some of the “Old Timers” still playing great.  Wilfork…oh yeah, and a guy named Brady.

Gronkowski looks like he’s close to coming back & that’s good.

Their depth on the defensive line, safety & corner back is real thin & that’s bad.

The rookies WR’s look to be gaining Brady’s trust quickly & that’s good.

The rookies are rookies, & rookies usually are inconsistent.  That’s bad.

There’s Tom Brady & that’s always good.

There’s a possible suspension coming for Alfonso Dennard & that’s bad

With all that said, this should be another interesting year for Pat’s fans.  Some real highs, but also some real question marks.  Bring it on…I’m ready!

Well, that’s it for this blog. Hope you enjoyed it.  I’ll welcome all comments, both good and bad (but I’ll like the good more!).





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